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Mahaweli National College of Education, Uyanwatta, Polgolla. Tel: 0812494636-7 E-mail : mahaweli@gmail.com
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Convocation of Diploma Awarding Ceremony 2012 proceeds successfully......
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Annual Pirith Ceromony-2012

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Vice President's Message (Administration) It is with great pleasure I pen this message for the College Profile 2010 presented specially to mark the 25th anniversary............

Intel Teach Elements : Project base approach

Mahaweli National College of Education was established in 1985 as a teacher training centre.MNOCE,located at Kandy,Polgolla is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka.The primary purpose of establishing this institute was to produce well trained teachers to the school system of Sri Lanka.Currently, this institue is functioning under the Ministry of Education. There are seventeen National Colleges of Education through out the country.They are located in different places in Sri Lanka.Mahaweli National College covers a large geographical area,which contains administration buildings,acadamic buildings,computer laboratory,library,student hostels and quarters for lecturers.More than five hundred (500) teacher trainees study here.They are following the courses such as Engilsh,Second languages(English/Tamil),Western Music,Dancing,Arts and Computer.


The vision of Mahaweli National College of Education is to prepare competent teachers,well equipped with the desired knowledge,skill and attitude providing leadership to the community.They will have an on going interact in continual education process,inclusive of innovative technology and computer literacy. Ultimately sense of commitment and professionlaism is inculcated and as a result society will reap the fruit of sustainable development


The mission of the National College of Education is to provide the school system with a teacher who is professionally competent and committed to fulfilling the national objectives of education, possessing the efficiency, enthusiasm and innovativeness necessary to face the future challenges.

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Latest News

College Scouts Investiture

College Scout Investiture took place on 26th Nov.2012 at Mahaweli NCOE.The president including the acadamic staff and scout officials and the teacher traineers participated in the inaugaral session.

Social Cohesion Programme-2012

Social Cohesion Programme 2012 was held from 23rd to 25th Nov.2012 at Mahaweli NCOE. It was a great opportunity for the teacher trainees to apply social cohesion experiences in the school system of Sri Lanka. Some lecturers from UVA NCOE took part in the event as resource.

Annual Pirith Ceromony

Annual Pirith chanting ceremony of Mahaweli NCOE will be on 16th,Nov,2012 and Amls giving for the Bhikkus on the following day.

Convocation-2012 Mahaweli NCOE

Convocation on Diploma Awarding Cermony of Mahaweli NCOE was held on 1st of Nov,2012 succesfully.

Inter College Sportsmeet-2012

Mahaweli NCOE partcipates in inter college sportsmeet 2012 in UVA NCOE from 12th Oct.2012 onwards.......


Mahaweli NCOE represented in the Inter College Cultural Programme in Wayamba NCOE on 4th Oct.2012......

Teachers' Day 2012

Teachers' Day Celebration of Mahaweli NCOE took place on 10th Oct.2012.......

President Message

With immense pleasure I convey this massage to the Web Site that Mahaweli National College..............




Making the best out of peer observation in teacher education,an article by WMMR Wewagama,Lecturer MNCOE..........Down load this article from here

College Antham

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28th INTAKE (English Course-2012)

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25th Anniversary of MNCOE

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